I’m pissed.  Let me tell you why.

It all started with this tweet:

As I understand it, a team from the DoD presented at the conference, and in certain circles, the presentation was not well received.

In fact, it seems some folks took complete offense to the fact DoD was presenting at all, and some when so far to say Code for America was some how colluding with the DoD.

This is utter rubbish.

First, if CfA were working with the DoD – WHO CARES?

Please, help me understand why anyone would object to helping the DoD become more effective and efficient?

Are you so narrow minded to think making food stamps easier to obtain is noble, but protecting and defending the nation is an immoral cause?

I literally *can* *not* think of a more ill-informed, conceded, and arrogant position than that.

Seriously, the last post on my blog was about how inspired I was at the last CfA conference – this recent dust up literally makes me angry, mad, and pissed.

I have dedicated nearly my entire professional career to protecting and defending our nation.  And I truly was inspired at the last conference.  Truly.

Further, I am about as far left as one can be on certain issues.  Yet I see the need to help, and I express my patriotism every day simply by going to work and doing my job well for the good of our nation.

To anyone who questioned the presence of the DoD at the conference, I have this to say to you:

You don’t have the market cornered on good ideas or public service.

You don’t have any standing to question the integrity, morals, or commitment of CfA, DIUX, or the DoD.  Period.

You think you have perspective?  You think you have the right to question why they were there?  You know what – you do.  Because we protect and defend the flag you sleep under every single day.

Show us some respect.

More importantly, until you walk a mile in our shoes, watch your tone.

Until you help defend our nation and make it safe, shut your mouth.

Friends, an open mind is a two way street, and anybody who is not open to every viewpoint is someone who is part of the problem.

You are not better than us.  And you are not helping.  You are not cultivating the karass.  And that is sad.

You are simply narrow minded, divisive, and polarizing.

If you can not see the value of helping everyone, including those charged with protecting your freedoms every single day, then you are not practicing the fundamental premise of CfA – “improve how government serves the American public, and how the public improves government”.