On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I’m sitting here wondering if we are any safer? I’ve spent 9 of the last 10 years working for the mechanism that is supposed to make us safe. Provide the peace of mind that we, as Americans, are safe from tyranny, terror, and senseless harm.

I’m not usually bothered by such things, and I generally don’t concern myself with it, but this year seems to be different. Perhaps because I’m working in one of the buildings affected by the terrorist attack. Perhaps because it has been 10 years and although I have watched all forms of patriotism, unity of action, and heroic behaviors, I still see senseless infighting, childish behavior, and empire building.

The current situation of politics is a great example of how far we have come and how far from unification we can be. Our leaders are idiots. The Republicans are pointing at the White House, blaming the President for the current financial woes. Funny, huh? It was the republican president that started 2 wars, ramped up the deficit, and fucked America in the process. Perhaps Congress needs a mirror, or perhaps a history lesson reminding them they voted for every budget increase in the last 10 years. Yeah, that’s right you fucker Boehner. You mother fucker.

And we have the Democrats. Pathetic. They roll over at every turn and continue to compromise our future because they are dickless and have no will to do what is right. They let the Tea Party fuck America, my future, and my son’s future. A small fringe group of sociopaths that have their heads stuck so far up their asses they can’t begin to understand what America really needs.

As Congress and President fight with each other, good people continue to die. Not just Americans, but people of all nationalities, races, and background.

I watched and listened to the Secretary of Defense yesterday. His words tried to express the pain and fear we felt 10 years ago. His words tried to inspire us for what lays ahead of us. Mr. Panetta was proud to be part of the recent killing of bad guy #1, but reminded us there are still people out there who want to kill us. Do us harm.

And yet we have our moronic leaders showing a lack of leadership. Senseless fighting. Politics at its worst.

We spend billions of dollars a year to keep America and our allies safe. We compromise our integrity. We do the unthinkable. We sink to their level. There are ugly people in the world that do ugly things and we have to defend against them. And so we do.

Is what we do worth it? I like to think so. Is it a slippery slope? Yes.

Are we safer? Yes. Is it worth the cost? Well, I guess that is a matter of opinion.