Not sure anyone really remembers their first day of school… but parents do.  My parents love to tell the story of me on my first day.  Both in kindergarten and when we moved overseas.  For someone who was outgoing, vivacious, and lacked fear…. I was always hesitant to walk through the front door.

My parents packed me a big lunch (in my awesome red lunch box!), gave me words of encouragement, kissed me on the forehead and pushed me through the door.

And I never looked back.

I won’t be there on Monday for your first day.  I wish I could be.

So you (or maybe me?) will have to settle for this virtual send off –

1) I owe you lunch.  Including a full bottle of wine when the time comes.

2) You were chosen for this job because you can DO this job.  I know that you are going to kick ass and take names. Have the confidence in yourself because I have confidence in you.

3) 😉

4) Now go and be the awesome CTO that I know you can be!