There’s something I find relaxing and calming about a sunset.  The peacefulness of sky contradicts the constant changing of the colors.  The slow movement of the clouds, while the purple and orange and blue blend seamlessly for miles.  Doesn’t matter how great or crappy my day has been, I can find peace for the 15 minutes of the sunset.

Which is why I love flying west in the evening.   The plane chases the sunset for over an hour.  It’s extremely calming for my soul.  I can spend the entire time staring out the stupid little window of the plane, and for that time I forget my worries, and the fact that I’m shoved into an uncomfortable seat.

This week that was something I needed.  And it was a beautiful sunset, too.  But it made me ask the question: will I ever get to share my particular love of sunsets?  I started daydreaming about it… what it would be like.

Would it be on a plane like this to a week in Napa?  What about on a beach in Maui sipping drinks?  Maybe just in the backyard over a glass of Malbec?  However it happens, I just hope it does.

Hope.  A good word.  It’s what’s left when you take away everything else.

I feel full of hope these days.