Yesterday, I received some absolute crushing news. The sort of news that makes you stop, and put life in perspective.

My dear friend lost her baby.  My friend had carried a little boy to full term.  She was scheduled to be induced today, but instead delivered her stillborn son by c-section last night.

I spent the afternoon in the hospital with her, and her husband.  But I had no idea what to say… “I’m sorry” just seems stupid.  “How are you doing” has to be the worst question.  So we just sat around for hours and cried.  But hearing your friend sob hysterically is heart-breaking.

She had asked me, of all our friends, to come and sit with her.  She said that I knew what sadness was, to lose control of your body, and bring a son into this world who was not “perfect.” I reassured her that our sons were perfect in their own way and I’m honored that she would want me to sit with her. But I have no idea what her sadness is. Yes, I know what it’s like to leave the hospital without your son.  But I knew my son would be coming home eventually. I hope I never know her sort of loss.

I came home tonight, and cried.  I realized how this puts my life, and all my hell, in perspective.

Is it 2011 yet?  Seriously… I need this year to end.