It’s been a bad week for me.  Emotionally, I’m a t-shirt that’s been thrown into the dryer.

And I think that the dryer buzzer just dinged!  DING!

Now, what the hell does that mean?! ha – I wish I knew. Rationally, I *should* take a deep breath, and wait. I *should* take a deep breath, and be patient. But I’m done!  I’m ready to walk away, and nothing in the last few months has shown me any reason why I should “stay.”

So, it comes down to the rational verses emotional.  For over 30 years, the rational side of my brain has ruled.  But in the last two years, my emotional side of my brain has made a strong appearance. And I like it. And right now, I like the emotional side and what she has to say.

This is a problem though…  for two reasons.

(1) How do I tell the second half that it’s over? How do I “grow the cojones”?

(2) How do I ensure that the third party doesn’t feel pressured?


Too much to think about at the moment….but that “ding!” is still definitely resonating in the air….