I’m doing some work on the website this afternoon.  In the process, I needed to upload photos.  The goal is the create another article about the MRR move, but I got distracted.  What, distracted?  Not possible.  I never get distracted 😉

When I was “thumbing” through photos in iPhoto, it always returns you to the first photo in the library when you go past the end.  It’s a constant reminder for me.

You see, the first photo in my library is an image of something I saw the day my son was born.  The story goes like this:

We arrived at the hospital around 7pm.  It was a cold and brisk; a pleasant day.  The pushing started in earnest in wee hours of the morning.  Around 8am, she goes in for a c-section.  Around 5pm I leave the hospital to shower and sleep.  A short nap and I’m back in the car.  When I opened the garage door to return to the hospital, this is what I saw:


There was no snow on the ground when I went into the house.  There was no hint of snow.  There was fall, not winter.  You can see the fall flag in the picture.

When left the garage the grass was covered with snow and it was coming down hard and fast.  Some would say hard and fast is why I was going to the hospital, but I digress.  By the time I got to the hospital, the roads were covered with snow and I was amidst a blizzard.  By the time I left the hospital again the snow has stopped, the roads were plowed, and I was a new dad.

So, each time I use iPhoto, I am reminded of that day.  It was a good day.