My wife decided she wants her sitting room back, so the MRR has to move. She has offered me space in the basement for my MRR, so all my MRR stuff has been moved to the basement and the new space awaits configuration.

The good news is I get to leverage all the my lessons learned from the present MRR and apply the goodness to the new one. The bad news is I basically need to start over, as the space is different enough to demand a new design. I will try to keep most of the design elements of the current layout, but I’m looking for more action on the new version. Something I can actually operate rather than just watch the trains go around and around.

More good news. I now have a dedicated workshop area, separated into three sections: computer, electronics, building. Since all the MRRing will be very near my primary computer, I’ll probably be writing here a lot more. Moreover, computer-controlled operations might be a real possibility, but that’s probably months if not a year away right now.

Look for pictures, layout design, and (hopefully) progress over the coming months…

I started a series of articles about the move and pictures.